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Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Restore India's Mission is to serve poor people by helping restore their lives spiritually, physically, emotionally, economically and educationally.


We partner with communities across North India in community development projects which significantly help those communities in practical ways. These take the form of education programs, vocational training programs, youth empowerment programs and other such initiatives. These empower women, youth and families in a holistic way.


We also work to inspire the involvement of people across the world to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the organization.


Restore India is lead by a Board of Trustees who is responsible for the governance of the Trust, under the leadership of the Managing Trustee. The Board is responsible for developing the organization’s policies, hiring the leaders, providing direction and strategic planning, ensuring the financial stability of the institution, defining the role of the governing body, and defining the role(s) of those who will interact directly with it.


The Restore India Charitable Trust was established on 25 February 2008. It is an Indian trust, bounded by the Indian Trust Act.