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In March 2016, we held our Annual Conference which was attended by 35 of our staff who work across all of our projects. This was an enriching time of mutual sharing, updating each other on the progress of our projects, doing important strategic planning, and receiving training themselves. These are a few videos of some of our staff telling exciting stories of what is happening in their community projects:

After School Coaching Classes

Poonam is the teacher in our Delhi Centre's After Shool Coaching Class. Along with pursuing her MCom studies, she also coaches three age group classes of children after their school. All of the children who were once in our Literacy School have sucessfully transitioned into local public schools and so she provides the after-school tuition for them. Many of their parents are not literate, so cannot help their children with their homework. This is rhe way Restore India continues to help in their eduction. Poonam helps them in a variety of subjects such as Maths, Hindi, English, Science and Social Science. In the video, Poonam tells of the way this has made a significant impact in the lives - and school results - of the children who attend.

Village Kids Computer Lessons

One person who has been impacted by our programs is Ved Prakash, a 16 year old youth from one of our rural communities in Lucknow. He had begun attending our literacy centre that we had started in his village and had expressed a desire to learn how to use a computer. Through a sponsor, we were able to purchase a laptop and Ved Prakash began computer lessons on it. Within five months, he had become proficient enough to start teaching the children in his own village and a neighboring community. It is a delight to see these children start to call him 'Sir' out of respect. Ved Prakash is from a community that is considered untouchable. Learning to use the computer and teaching others to use it has not only given him the exposure to greater knowledge and some useful skills for the future, but it has earned him some respect in his community. Restore India is now aiming to equip more of its literacy centres with laptops so that others can learn to use them. If you would like to help Restore India purchase a computer for the village Computer Education program, please contact us. The translation of the video can be read here.

Income Generation Project

Rakesh used to be a master tailor before he commenced his role as a Project Coordinator in Restore India's Delhi Centre. These skills have come into exceptions use as he supervises the Sewing Program and provides further training to the graduates as they enter Project Sahyog. Rakesh has a passion for seeing the women put their new skills to use, in a way that helps to generate some income for their familes. The video shows him telling of how Project Sahyog has impacted the lives of the women involved. The translation can be read here