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Vocational Training ​

Many of the children and adults in our communities value from learning new skills which give them the ability to acquire practical skills with the possibility of earning an extra income to their family. For example, women’s sewing schools and beauty culture classes, enable women to provide these services to others in the community.

Child Sponsorship 

One of the ways Restore India works to remove the barriers to education, and one of the ways that helps is by providing Education Sponsorships to children who have shown great potential in our literacy centres. A monthly gift from a donor pays for the expensive admission fees, the school fees, the uniforms and books.

Income Generation 

Project Sahyog (which means ‘support’) is an income generation project which helps people from our communities start small enterprises. Women who have graduated from our sewing schools have made uniforms for schools. Others have benefitted from candle making, chocolate making and handicraft income generation activities.


Restore India conducts Anaemia Camps, an initiative by our Managing Trustee Dr Deepak who had been noticing that many people in the communities we work have weak immune systems. Often, up to 90% of the people we test are anaemic and need to be treated. We also hold nutirition and health awareness programs to educate the communities.

Goat Project 

The goat project is aimed at providing a sustainable income to the goat herder and community groups. We also give pregnant goats to families. This provides them with nutritious milk for their families and the opportunity for future income through the breathing of their own goats.









Giving a person education or new skills is one of the most inportant things we can do, particulalry if they are in impoverished situations. This empowers them to have more choices in their life. We have seen many people in our communities transformed by simply having their perspective enlarged through education.