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 When we ask the children in our literacy classes what they would like to be when they grow up, many say they would like to be teachers, doctors, or join the civil service - some even aspire to join the military. However the reality is that without education, a child will have very few choices in their future life. 


There are many reasons why a family would choose not to send their children to school – some cannot afford the costs of education. For others, the closest school may be many kilometres away from where they live, and many uneducated parents simply do not see the value of educating their children, particulalry the girl-child. Restore India works to remove the barriers to education, and one of the ways that helps is by providing child education sponsorships. A monthly  gift from a donor pays for the expensive enrolment costs, school fees, uniforms and books.


If you would like to sponsor a child's education, please contact us.