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Restore India Is committed to educating children because without it, they have very few life choices and very little means of escaping the poverty cycle.


Many of the families from villages, and urban areas cannot afford to educate their children. For others, schools are a long distance from the village or attend schools without buildings and/or teachers. Sadly, for some, educating their children is simply not a priority they have gained through their life experience. For the uneducated parent, knowing how to help educate their own children is also a problem.


People in poverty need help, not only to see the value of education, but to assist in educating their children.


Restore India supports the operation of literacy centres for children who do not yet attend school, and after-school coaching cetres for those who do attend school. For the former, the goal is to bring the children up to speed so that they have a hope of enrolling in a normal school eventually.


For those who cannot afford the fees, Restore India office child education scholarships which helps with the very high enrolment fees, school fees, uniforms, books, and nutritional supplements to benefit the health of the child.


Restore India has also commenced a program to put a computer into each Literacy School which will give the children expsore to these skills, and a greater awarness of the world through the internet. If you would like to adopt one of our Literacy Schools, sponsor a child's education or help buy a computer for one of th schools, please contact us.